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about us

Venture Adventures was set up by Jon and Julie Moorhouse, a lawyer and a graphic designer. 


After living and working abroad for many years, we moved back to the UK with our two sons and both found ourselves looking to set up our own consultancy businesses.   (Check out Julie's QuMoo Design!)


We found it hard to work out everything we needed to do and think about, and decided to create Venture Adventures to help others do the same thing - a single place with all the guidance and connections to the help people need to start a business.

Our sons then decided they wanted to set up their own business too. Maybe we inspired them, maybe they just got sick and tired of us talking the whole time about starting a business, but they started selling prints of their own design.

We gave them some hints and tips as they went along, and in return they helped us to create Venture Adventures Junior to assist the next generation of entrepreneurs.  

So, over to you.  Venture into business - take the adventure.  Why not have a go?  You'll have fun trying and you may even make some money!  Give it your best shot - you never know where it might lead. 

Wherever your venture takes you - enjoy the adventure!          

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